Bar Tacking Machines

DEMATRON DLK-1920HA Programmable Shape Tacking Machine

This high speed, automated bartacking machine generates a wide range of bartack patterns with no operator effort.  Fully automated, the operator merely programs the desired tack into the computer and the machine will do the rest.  This unit is perfect for producing a Box X stitch seen on aircraft & auto seat belts, cargo nets, harnesses, rigging straps, heavy duty belting, etc.  Standard tacks, zig zag patterns, and many other patterns are already pre-programmed.  This unit is priced complete with table, motor, stand, 1 clamp setup, & the programming computer module.  The machine achieves a maximum sewing speed of 3,000sti/min. This enhances the startup speed at the beginning and ending of sewing as well as the speed of thread trimming…thus reducing the total cycle time and therefore achieves upgraded productivity.

Bar Tacking Machine