Embroidery Service

We have the ability to provide full service embroidery on any item we manufacture. From cushions to pillows from bags to slings we can embroider your logo, monogram, symbol or custom design. Our embroidery service offers state-of-the-art computerized machines that are capable of producing up to fifteen colors per designs. Our embroidery machines are computer controlled and specifically engineered to work off of a “embroidery.dst file.” We create this artwork and then we have an “embroidery file” of that design saved for future projects. When we digitize a design the stitches are created in the pattern. This digitized file will then tell our embroidery machines where and how to sew the design and what colors to use. Careful design consideration must be used during the digitizing process from artwork to stitching so as to get the most efficient machine file possible.

embroidery designs from Dallas Contract Sewing

Potential trouble spots can include:

  • Text smaller than 1/4 inch
  • Thin lines
  • Fine detail, areas that contain gradients or shades
  • Overall small image size.
  • Our embroidery pricing is dependent on “stitch count.” The more stitches in the design, the longer it will take to sew. Embroidery pricing is dependent on how long the design will take to complete.