Automated Fabric & Textile Cutting

The newest addition to our equipment list and manufacturing capabilities is our large bed plotter cutter. Capable of handling fabric widths up to 84. the Pro PT-84 plotter/cutter form Carlson Design reduces production time and manufacturing costs. The automated fabric and textile cutter is used to plot and cut a wide variety of sewn goods including sails, awnings, furniture, upholstery, marine canvas, automotive, boat covers, apparel, inflatables, kites, gliders, balloons, bags, parachutes, and even boat hulls. Measuring 24 feet in length and 84.wide, our fabric cutting equipment is robust enough for cutting heavy composites, tension and membrane structures, carbon fiber and prepreg, awnings, marine canvas, auto goods, sofas, and any high volume production item where precision and repetition are required.

Plotter Cutter for Digitized Sewing Patterns