JUKI LU-1508N Walking Foot Sewing Machine

Dallas Contract Sewing has 10 Juki LU-1508n Heavy Duty walking foot sewing replacement cushions, industrial textiles, gym vinyl, textiline, Sunbrella Canvas awning material, Canvas Duck, Awning vinyl, marine vinyl and more. These heavy duty sewing machines are perfect for most industrial sewing projects. Add some heavy duty thread and these workhorse industrial sewing machines can handle a variety of contract sewing projects.

Dallas Contract Sewing has 10 Juki LU-1508n Heavy Duty walk foot sewing machines

Walking Foot on and industrial sewing machineWalking Foot

What is a walking foot machine? A walking foot is a special mechanism for feeding the fabric or textile through the industrial sewing machine as it is being stitched. A walking foot industrial sewing machine if perfect choice when sewing heavy materials where a simple needle feed is not strong enough.
The walking foot sewing machine aids in feeding cushioned or thick materials through the industrial sewing machine with ease
A majority of the bigger Juki Sewing machines we have at Dallas Contract Sewing have the walking foot mechanism. We specialize in sewing projects using heavier industrial textiles so these machines are the most versatile for our commercial sewing needs.

Servo Motor

What is a servo Motor for an Industrial Sewing machine and why does it matter?
The two major advantages of the Servo sewing motor are that you can control the speed of the motor (adjustable between o-3300RPM) and that they are completely silent when the pedal is not engaged.
Some other advantages include:

  • They consume 63% less energy than clutch motors
  • 1/3 lighter than clutch motors
  • Reverse motor rotation with the flick of a switch
  • Nothing to wear or adjust
  • Adjusted speed remains no matter how hard the pedal is pressed

Many of our customers find that the sewing machine is much easier to control with a Servo motor because of the variable speed. This is especially helpful for beginner sewers but also for users sewing light to medium-weight leather up to a thickness of 5/16″.